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  • Dog Food&Health Trends: Habits, Usage & Attitude – Italy

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    The survey analyses the habits and attitudes of dog owners, and explores topics such as dog food, health and handling.

    What characteristics drive the purchase of dog food? Which channels are chosen for purchase? Who or what influences the choice of brand? What is the role of price?

    To answer these questions, we have developed a research project “DOG FOOD & HEALTH TRENDS” that provides a detailed insight into the world of our dog friends, not only from a food point of view, but also from the point of view of their health and management.

    The report includes more than 100 questions with analysis on the following 4 profiles:

    1. Dog owners who buy industrial food (in total and with insights into the owner’s age and the dog’s age)
    2. Owners of dogs that use household food/leftovers
    3. Former dog owners
    4. Future dog owners

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