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  • Global Public Confidence Study 2023

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    • The 2023 IRIS Global Public Confidence Study provides a multi country view of public sentiment across the most important issues of the day. The project aimed to understand:
      1. Public assessments of the economy and personal finances
      2. Levels of confidence and concern about climate change
      3. Perspectives on the state of healthcare systems
    • This report presents results on the economic topics. Separate reports will address views on climate change, and on health care.
    • Nearly 18,000 people were surveyed across 26 countries (17,777)
    • Fieldwork was completed online during February, March, and April, 2023.
    • A nationally representative sample of 500 to 1,000 adults was interviewed in each country.
  • Global Eating, Drinking & Sustainability Survey

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    This study details the findings of a multi country market research study, aimed to understand current eating and drinking trends around the world. The project aimed to understand:

    • the impact of COVID19 on eating & drinking habits
    • if and how sustainability plays a role in deciding what to purchase

    Overall, 22 countries took part in this study, with all fieldwork undertaken online between 12th July and 18 th August, 2021.

    A nationally representative sample of adults was interviewed in each country.

  • World Confidence Index 2019

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    The survey analyzes the perception of interviewees’ family economic situation on an international level (with 22 countries involved) and the countermeasures implemented to cope with the difficult period, such as the fear of losing one’s job and difficulty making ends meet.


  • How consumer willingness to pay will drive innovation in healthcare

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    Advances in the medical and pharmaceutical fields are constantly evolving, but innovations cost effort, time and, above all, money. The survey analyzes how consumers’ willingness to pay will drive innovation in healthcare. The study profiles some PERSONAS target groups with different attitudes towards medical care, innovation, and the possibility of contributing to expenses.


  • Country you go, COVID19 impact you find

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    The impact of Covid19 on habits, branding and sustainability in 22 countries: a multi-country analysis to capture commonalities and differences across cultures and thematize business implications for the grocery world.

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