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  • Boomers and the online world of health services: orientations, difficulties and desiderata

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    The survey examines the online world of health services focusing on the target audience of boomers, a generation that has had to adapt to the “new digital world.” Most boomers have a constant online presence, but only a few venture into calling themselves truly tech-savvy! In fact, when it comes to somewhat more complex tasks, where responsibility increases, fear of making mistakes affects, and if possible they tend to prefer the real world more than the virtual one! The Internet is widely used as a source of information, but less so for purchases and reservations of services intended for health and wellness. So, how can we bring this target audience closer to the digital world regarding products and services intended for health and wellness?

  • Country you go, COVID19 impact you find

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    The impact of Covid19 on habits, branding and sustainability in 22 countries: a multi-country analysis to capture commonalities and differences across cultures and thematize business implications for the grocery world.

  • Environmental Sustainability Observatory

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    The “ALES sustainability observatory” is a study that aims to measure the importance of environmental sustainability to Italians. Through this study, we investigate how Italians perceive the commitment of companies in safeguarding and protecting the environment. We examine the extent to which companies pursue sustainable development through recycling materials, reducing emissions, using renewable or alternative energy sources, and redeveloping urban spaces. The study also highlights the attitudes and behaviors of Italians towards environmental sustainability, including their awareness, concerns, and expectations.


  • Communicating sustainability between opportunities and risks

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    Environmental sustainability is a hot topic today, widely used in communication including business communication… but why is everyone talking about sustainability today? What are the benefits for companies? And if communicating sustainability is really rewarding, how to do it? What verbal and iconic messages do consumers understand that are credible and relevant to them?

  • ‘Homo casalingus’: surprises and curiosities about man grappling with groceries

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    Contemporary man is quite complex and multifaceted: in transition between past-present-future, poised between the role of pater familias and that of consensual partner. In a society where at the relational-socio-cultural level the model of cultural mediation dominates, men, too, have learned the art of negotiation, female, and partnership.

  • Pharmacy or retail: Looking for the “gentle push” in the buying process

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    The shopper who ventures into pharmacy is the same shopper who then frequents other types of retail that have gradually nurtured his autonomy, expertise, and raised the bar of his expectations. He would also like from pharmacy maximum integration between advice and personalization, autonomy and simplification, phsyical and digital.

  • Trust placed in social: How brands can take advantage of it

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    Social networks, have become a major source of inspiration, discovery and information for their users.
    Increasingly indispensable resources, the use of which implies and requires a substantial investment of trust.

  • Fashion, dressing traditional and online retail – The basics of sustaining hype

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    The purchase of casual clothing often starts from a need that is not so much concrete and functional as emotional, the desire to explore, to find something new, to change, to indulge. Consumers, especially young people, are very receptive to stimuli, they get inspired, the need can be made explicit by stimulating the urge to buy.

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