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  • Brand Activism: best practices in the consumer’s mind

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    We asked the interviewees to tell us about BRAND ACTIVISM, how they perceive companies’ commitment to ethical and environmental issues and what actions they should focus on to gain more traction with consumers. The issue of environmental, social and economic sustainability is very much felt by the respondents and plays an important role in the choice of brand/product to buy… but companies must not make the mistake of passing on the costs of these activities to consumers”.
    In recent years, we see companies around the world ‘actively taking a stand’ on social and environmental issues and committing to reducing their carbon footprint.
    The consumer rewards these initiatives by choosing brands that make a commitment, but beware because there is always a background of mistrust regarding those who ‘go too far’: greenwashing, ethical washing and pink washing are always just around the corner’.

  • 2023 Climate Confidence Report

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    2023 IRIS Global Public Confidence Study provides a multi-country view of public sentiment across the most important issues of the day. The project aimed to understand:
    Levels of confidence and concern about climate change
    Nearly 19,000 people were surveyed across 27 countries (18,688).
    Fieldwork was completed during February, March, and April 2023 (with one additional country added in June).
    A nationally representative sample of 500 to 1,000 adults was interviewed in each country.

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