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  • Global Public Confidence Study 2023

    Free of charge
    • Lo studio IRIS Global Public Confidence del 2023 fornisce una visione multinazionale del public sentiment attraverso i le tematiche più attuali. Il progetto mira a comprendere:
      1. Valutazioni sull’economia e finanze personali
      2. Livelli di fiducia e preoccupazione relativi al cambiamento climatico
      3. Prospettive sullo stato della sanità
    • Il report mostra i risultati sui temi economici. Report separati affronteranno le opinioni sul cambiamento climatico e sull’assistenza sanitaria.
    • Quasi 18.000 persone sono state intervistate in 26 paesi (17.777)
    • L’indagine è stata completata online nei mesi di febbraio, marzo e aprile 2023.
    • In ciascun paese è stato intervistato un campione rappresentativo a livello nazionale di 500-1.000 adulti.
  • Global Eating, Drinking & Sustainability Survey

    Free of charge

    This study details the findings of a multi country market research study, aimed to understand current eating and drinking trends around the world. The project aimed to understand:

    • the impact of COVID19 on eating & drinking habits
    • if and how sustainability plays a role in deciding what to purchase

    Overall, 22 countries took part in this study, with all fieldwork undertaken online between 12th July and 18 th August, 2021.

    A nationally representative sample of adults was interviewed in each country.

  • The new food: acceptance, barriers and future propensity

    Free of charge


    Insects, jellyfish, food innovation and biotechnology supporting food progress.

    We asked the interviewees whether Insects, Jellyfish or Synthetic foods represent the best solution for the food of the future and for saving the environment. The topic is much debated by world public opinion, often in alarmist tones, and arouses great excitement in people.

    There are different sensitivities worldwide, countries that by culture and tradition already use insects in their diet. Italy, the home of the Mediterranean diet, but in general the old continent, has a heritage that places its citizens quite far from this new way of eating… most tend to reject the idea and in some cases even to disregard the problem, passing the hot potato to posterity.


  • Paese che vai, impatto del COVID19 che trovi

    Free of charge

    L’impatto del Covid19 su abitudini, brand e sostenibilità in 22 Paesi: un’analisi multi-country che permette di cogliere comunanze e differenze tra le varie culture e tematizzare le implicazioni di business per il mondo del grocery.